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  Animated Gif Image in Windows Explorer                                                                  

  Submitted on: 1/6/2003       By: Abhishek Gupta       Category: Tips & Tricks

Copy the image,you want to display in the left pan of web view of any folder, in 'c:/windows/web'.
Now open 'c:/windows/web/folder.htt' in notepad.
Search for "wvleft.bmp" (This name should be near "BACKGROUND:" ).
Replace this name with your image name including extension (you can place also animated gif image).
Save this file & close all folders.
Image will change universally for all folder when next time open, But the drive folder (generally c:/) where Windows98 is installed & My Computer folder will not be affected.
You can change image for only drive folder("c:/") individually.

NOTE: You can edit image for individual folder also. For this, open that folder and right click anywhere > click "Customize" > choose first option > Now edit file name same as above > save it > Refresh folder.