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Rajiv Gandhi Technical University of MP
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The University
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The University
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NOTE: This is not an official page of RGPV. All the information provided here is compiled by me on my knowledge. I am not responsible regarding any matter concerned with RGPV.

About the University

               Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya (RGPV) has been set up in 1998 by the Government of Madhya Pradesh, to provide a system of Technical Education and Research commensurate with the present and future needs of quality manpower and technology development for the entire state of Madhya Pradesh in particular, and the country at large.

               Rajiv Gandhi Technical University, Bhopal is a unique University which has, under its fold, all the Technical Institutions of the largest state of the country. Fortunately, this University has been named after the former Prime Minister of the country, late Shri. Rajiv Gandhi, who pioneered the vision of a developed India to be in the forefront in the Twenty First Century. All the colleges of Engineering and Technology as well as the Polytechnics affiliated to various Universities and Boards of Technical Education are affailated to the newly set up University of Technology. Further any new college, institute and polytechnic, which is to be set up in the field of Engineering and Technology, including Architechture and Pharmacy, shall be required to be affiliated with the Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyala, University of Technology of Madhya Pradesh.

               The University Head-quarter is located in the capital city of Bhopal on a beautiful hilly site near Airport by-pass road, Gandhi Nagar. The University is fully committed to achieve a position of pride not only in India but also in world in coming years.

Highlights of major activities & achievements

  • Rajiv Gandhi Technical University has been admitted as a Member of Association of Indian Universities, AIU.

  • Started a new BE (Information Technology) programme in seven colleges in Madhya Pradesh under RGPV from academic session 1999-2000. The University of Technology developed its Course Curriculum and conducted I and II semester examinations in Nov - Dec. 99 and May-June 2000 This course has how been introduced in around 20 institutions in the state of M.P.

  • Curriculum Innovation exercise for all the sixteen disciplines at BE level was carried out on the basis of a Curriculum Concept Paper developed jointly by RGTU and TTTI Bhopal which was finalised at a meeting of the Principals of Engineering Colleges of M.P.

  • Detailed course scheme and course contents have been worked out at expert workshops held at MACT Bhopal, SATI Vidisha, Engineering College Jabalpur, Engineering College Raipur, Shri Vaishnav Institute of Technology, Raipur Institute of Technology and Rustamji Institute of Technology Tekanpur (Gwalior). Experts from IITs, DCE and other leading institutions participated in the expert workshops.

  • RGTU has been awarded grant by AICTE for Curriculum Innovation workshops for Computer Engineering, Electronics and Communication and Information Technology BE programmes.

  • The Board of Technical Education has been merged with Rajiv Gandhi Technical University.

  • The University has started and conducted on-line distributed counselling in July 2002 at Bhopal, Indore, Gwalior and Jabalpur for admissions in different branches of Engg. and Tech. BE Courses in Engineering & Technical Colleges & Institutes of MP.

Courses conducted by the University

ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY (Degree)    - 4 Years
Architechture Chemical Civil
Computer Electrical Electronics
Elex. & Instrument. Elex. & Telecom. Ind. & Prod. Engg.
Information Tech. Mechanical

Master of Computer Application (MCA)       - 3 Years

PHARMACY (Degree)                                  - 3 Years

Civil Electrical Mechanical
Electronics Computer

PHARMACY (Diploma)                                - 1 Years

Colleges affilated to the University (RGPV)

1 All Saints College  
2 Bansal Instt. Of Science & Technology  
3 Bhabha Engineering Research Institute 
4 Bhopal Institute Of Technology & Science  
5 Crescent Institute Of Management 
6 Government Geetanjali Girls College 
7 Indira Priyadarshini College Of Science & Management  
8 Institute Of Professional Education & Research 
9 Lakshmi Narain College Of Technology 
10 Maharishi Centre for Educational Excellence 
11 Oriental Institute Of Science & Technology 
12 R.K.D.F. Institute Of Science & Technology 
13 Rajeev Gandhi College Of Technology & Management 
14 Sect College Of Professional Of Education (SCOPE) 
15 Techno Crates Institute Of Technology 
16 Tirth Prasad Institute Of Professional Education 
17 Truba Institute Of Engineering & Information Technology  
18 VNS Institute Of Management  
19 Samrat Ashok Technical Institute 
20 Jawaharlal Institute Of Technology 
21 Shri Sai Institute Of Technology 
22 Sri Satya Sai College Of MCA 
23 Tirthankar Anglo Vedic Institute Of Technology Education 
24 Guru Ramdas Khalsa Institute Of Science & Technology 
25 Hitkarini College Of Engineering & Technology 
26 Jabalpur Engineering College 
27 Shri Ram Institute Of Technology 
28 IPS Academy, School Of Computer & Electronics, Indore 
29 Maharaja Ranjit Singh College 
30 Medi-Caps Institute Of Technology & Management 
31 Pioneer Institute Of Professional Studies 
32 Shri Govindram Seksaria Institute Of Technology & Science  
33 Shri Gujrati Samaj Instt. Of Professional Studies 
34 Shri Vaishnav Institute of Management 
35 Indore Institute Of Technology 
36 Bharti Vidhya Mandir 
37 Boston College for Profession Studies 
38 Institute Of Advanced Technology & Science 
39 Institute Of Technology & Management 
40 Madhav Institute Of Technology & Science 
41 Maharana Pratap College Of Technology 
42 Prestige Institute Of Management 
43 Rustamji Institute Of Technology, Tekanpur 
44 Sri Ramnath Siksha Sansthan, Gwalior 
45 GICTS College Of Professional Education 
46 Mahakal Institute Of Computer Science 
47 Prestige Institute Of Management 

1 All Saints College of Technology (ASCT), Bhopal 
2 Bansal College Of Engineering Mandideep  
3 Bansal Institute Of Technology  
4 Bhabha Engineering Research Institute 
5 Bhopal Institute Of Technology & Science 
6 Globus Engineering College, Bhojpur Road  
7 J. N. College Of Technology 
8 Lakshmi Narayan College Of Technology 
9 NRI Institute Of Information Science & Technology  
10 Oriental Institute Of Science & Technology 
11 Patel College Of Science & Technology  
12 R.K.D.F. Institute Of Science & Technology  
13 Radha Raman Engineering College 
14 Sagar Institute Of Research and Technology 
15 Shree Institute Of Science & Technology 
16 Technocrats Institute Of Technology 
17 Thakral College Of Technology 
18 Truba Institute Of Engineering Information Technology 
19 Samrat Ashok Technical Institute  
20 Sri Satya Sai Institute Of Science & Technology 
21 Mahakal Institute Of Technology 
22 Ujjain Engineering College  
23 Rewa Engineering College  
24 Rewa Institute Of Technology 
25 Indira Gandhi Engineering College 
26 Mandsaur Institute Of Technology 
27 Jawaharlal Institute Of Technology 
28 Guru Ramdas Khalsa Institute Of Science & Technology. 
29 Gyan Ganga Institute Of Technology 
30 Hitkarini College Of Engineering Technology  
31 Jabalpur Engineering College  
32 Shri Ram Institute Of Engineering & Science  
33 Shri Rawatpura Sarkar Institute Of Science & Technology 
34 Vindhya Institute Of Technology & Science 
35 Indore Institute Of Technology 
36 IPS Academy, Institute Of Engineering & Science 
37 Medi-caps Institute Of Technology & Management 
38 Rishi Raj Institute Of Technology 
39 Shri Govindram Seksaria Institute Of Technology & Science 
40 Shri Vaishnav Institute Of Technology & Science  
41 Gwalior Engineering College 
42 Institute Of Information Technology & Management  
43 Institute Of Technology & Management  
44 Madhav Institute Of Technology & Science  
45 Maharana Pratap College Of Technology  
46 Nagaji Institute Of Technology & Management 
47 NRI Institute Of Technology & Management  
48 Rustamji Institute Of Technology, Tekanpur  
49 Shri Ram College Of Engineering & Management, Banmore 
50 University Institute Of Technology, RGPV, Bhopal 

1 Intitute of Environmental Planning & Tech. (IEPT), BHOPAL (M.P.) 
2 IPS Academy School of Architecture, INDORE (M.P.) 
3 Madhav Institute of Tech. & Science(MITS), GWALIOR (M.P) 

1 Bansal College Of Pharmacy  
2 Bhopal Institute Of Technology & Science  
3 Lakshmi Narain College Of Pharmacy  
4 NRI Institute Of Pharmacy 
5 R.K.D.F. College Of Pharmacy 
6 Ravi Shankar College Of Pharmacy  
7 Technocrats Institute Of Technology (Pharmacy)  
8 VNS Institute Of Pharmacy  
9 B.R. Nahata College Of Pharmacy 
10 IPS Academy College Of Pharmacy 
11 Shri Govindram Seksaria Institute Of Technology & Science  
12 Smriti College Of Pharmacy 
13 Shri Ramnath Singh Mahavidyalaya, Bhind 
14 Shri R.M.S. Sojatia Institute Of Pharmacy Bhanpura - Dist Mandsaur 
15 Sun Institute Of Pharmaceutical Education & Research, Lahar 
16 GRY Institute Of Pharmacy 
17 Mahakal Institute Of Pharmaceutical 
18 Guru Ramdas Khalsa Institute Of Science & Technology (Pharmacy) 
19 Shri Ram Institute Of Technology 
20 Shri Ram College Of Pharmacy  
21 Shri Ram Nath Sigh Institute Of Pharmaceutical,  
22 Shri Rawatpura Institute Of Pharmacy  

1 S.V. Polytechnic, BHOPAL (M.P.) 
2 Durg Polytechnic, DURG (M.P.) 
3 Gwalior Polytechinc, GWALIOR (M.P.)  
4 Kalaniketan Polytechnic, JABALPUR (M.P.) 
5 Ujjain Polytecnic, UJJAIN (M.P.)  
6 Dhar Polytecnic, DHAR (M.P.) 
7 Kirorimal Polytecnic, RAIGARH (M.P.) 
8 Shri Ramnath Singh Mahavidhyalaya (SRSM), BHIND (M.P.) 

1 Raipur women's Polytechnic. RAIPUR (M.P.) 

1 Govt. Polytechnic, ASHOK NAGAR 
2 Govt. Polytechnic, BALAGHAR (M.P.) 
3 Govt. Polytechnic, DAMOH (M.P.) 
4 Govt. Polytechnic, DHAMTARI (M.P.) 
5 Govt. Polytechnic, HARDA (M.P.) 
6 Govt. Polytechnic, JAORA (M.P.) 
7 Govt. Polytechnic, KHANDWA (M.P.) 
8 Govt. Polytechnic, KHISADOH (M.P.) 
9 Govt. Polytechnic, KHURAI (M.P.) 
10 Govt. Polytechnic, NOWGONG (M.P.) 
11 Govt. Polytechnic, SANAWAD (M.P.) 
12 Govt. Polytechnic, SEONI (M.P.) 
13 Govt. Polytechnic, SHAHDOL (M.P.) 
14 Govt. Polytechnic, AMBIKAPUR (M.P.) 
15 Govt. Polytechnic, JHABUA (M.P.) 
16 Govt. Polytechnic, WAIDHAN (M.P.) 
17 Govt. Polytechnic, MORENA (M.P.) 
18 Govt. Polytechnic, KORBA (M.P.) 
19 Govt. Polytechnic, PACHOR (M.P.) 
20 Govt. Polytechnic, MANDLA (M.P.) 
21 Govt. Polytechnic, SATNA (M.P.) 
22 Govt. Polytechnic, BETUL (M.P.) 
23 Govt. Polytechnic, TIKAMGARH (M.P.) 
24 Govt. Polytechnic, DABRA (M.P.) 
25 Govt. Polytechnic, JAWAD (M.P.) 
26 Govt. Polytechnic, KHAIRAGARI (M.P.) 
27 Govt. Polytechnic, RAGHOGARH (M.P.) 
28 Govt. Polytechnic, TAKHATPUR (M.P.) 

1 Govt. Women Polytechnic, BHOPAL (M.P.) 
2 Govt. Women Polytechnic, SAGAR (M.P.) 
3 Govt. Women Polytechnic, BURHANPUR (M.P.) 
4 Govt. Women Polytechnic, JABALPUR (M.P.) 
5 Govt. Women Polytechnic, JAGDALPUR (M.P.) 
6 Govt. Women Polytechnic, KHARGONE (M.P.) 
7 Govt. Women Polytechnic, INDORE (M.P.) 
8 Govt. Women Polytechnic, GWALIOR (M.P.) 
9 Govt. Women Polytechnic, HOSHANGABAD (M.P.) 
10 Govt. Women Polytechnic, CHINDWARA (M.P.) 
11 Govt. Women Polytechnic, PANNA (M.P.) 
12 Govt. Women Polytechnic, RAJANDGOAN (M.P.) 
13 Govt. Women Polytechnic, SEHORE (M.P.) 
14 Govt. Women Polytechnic, NARSINGHPUR (M.P.) 
15 Govt. Women Polytechnic, BHIND (M.P.) 

Gaint-in-Aid Polytechnics 
1 Shri Vaishnav Polytechnic, INDORE (M.P.) 
2 Shri Vaishnav Polytechnic, VIDISHA (M.P.) 

1 Rustamji Institute of Technology, Tekanpur, GWALIOR (M.P.) 
2 B.R.N. College of Pharmacy, MANDSAUR (M.P.) 
3 College of Pharmacy, INDORE (M.P.) 
4 Shri R.N.S Mahavidhyalaya, Gormi, BHIND (M.P.) 
5 V.N.S. Institute of Pharmacy, BHOPAL (M.P.) 

Contact the University

Airport Bypass Road Gandhi Nagar, BHOPAL - 462036
TEL : (91)-(755)-742001 , 292587 FAX : (91)-(755)-742002

Email :
Official Website: www.rgtuedu.org

Vice-Chancellor : Prof. P.B. Sharma PhD.(B'ham), FIE, FAeroS, FWAPS
Registrar : S.R. Nigam
Controller of Exams : Prof. R.S. Nigam

The Experts' Words :

"India's human resource base is one of its greatest core competencies. It is India's strength. The Technology vision documents advocate the formation of a human resource cadre that will be the foundation of the action packages of the country in the near future" - Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, India 2020.

"Academic Institutions have to function at the frontiers of knowledge and cannot afford even a trace of obsolescence"- Prof. V.C. Kulandaiswamy, Convocation of IGNOU, March 4, 2000.

"Engineering education in a University used to be collection of scholars around a library. But the combination of Information and Internet technologies is going to force traditional Universities to rethink how they operate, and faculty how they teach. I see huge changes coming in the next 10 years". Ileard Baun, Dean of Engineering, New York, Engineering Tomorrow, IEEE 2000.


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