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In This Section, I included some Downloadable Fun(du) Programs. To Download Zip Files - Click the Image & Run.

Abhitimes Bore    (10 Kb Zip)
Abhitimes Bore

This is an Absolutely Time-Pass Boring Game using simple HTML & Java Script.

For Download
Mr. Bean Watching You    (130 Kb Zip)
Mr. Bean Watching you

All of you know Mr. Bean, The famous Comedian Actor on TV, who acts by his funny face-expressions. Do you want to know how he does that? Check this out..

For Download
Test Your Eyesight    (20 Kb Zip)
Test your Eyesight

Do you pass your time mostly on the internet? Do you aware about a new disease spreading over the internet? Read this warning first...

For Download
What's Your Personality   (27 Kb Zip)
What is your personality

Your thoughts depends on your behaviour and personality. Check your personality through this simple Personality Test...

For Download
PC Time Tracker   (27 Kb Zip)
Track your time wasted on PC

Are you the person who always waste your time on your PC & almost on WINDOWS? A real PC Time Tracker for you..to know the total time of using your PC.

For Download
Behind The Screen   (27 Kb Zip)
Behind The Screen

See how your monitor screen looks from inside...

For Download


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