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Midi Music

Here are some   MIDI  Format Musical Theme Files.

  MIDI (pronounced middy) is an acronym for Musical Instrument Digital Interface. Originally developed by the electronic music industry a number of years ago.

Click a Theme to play from current position or
To Download Right Click on Theme and choose "Save Target As"


  Duck Tales

  I'm a Barbie Girl

  James Bond 007....(Golden Eyes)

  Jurrasic Park


  Mission Impossible Movie Theme

  My Heart Will Go On ... Titanic

  National Anthem : INDIA
        A Salute to the Indian Flag -Click
  Star Wars


        Watch Out for the movie- THE MATRIX - RELOADED
  Toy Story

I mostly prefer playing MIDI Files while working on my PC, Because it :

  • has symphony - it is musical instruments based, not voice.
  • is very soft to ears - no noisy sound
  • files are very compact in size.

    Do you want to listen some of my favourite MIDI Music ...

      Beethoven's Fur Elise.mid

      Mozart's Symphony.mid
            Does this music remind you one old Hindi Movie song?
      If You Leave Me Now.mid
            If you have MIDI Plug-in installed in WINAMP, then you can also
            watch lyric of this song interactively while playing.


      Here Comes The Sun.mid

            One Tequila, Two Tequila, Three Tequila - On the floor. :)
      Under the sea.mid ...(The Little Mermaid)

      With a Little Help From My Friends.mid

    Here are some links for more MIDI music & MIDI Themes...

    Offsprung MIDIs




    Here are links for Hindi & other regional language Songs MIDI music..


    These are links for listen National Anthems of Countries all over the world...



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