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Rajiv Gandhi Technical University of MP

Bhopal is known for its fine craft markets that offer a number of articles to the souvenir hunter. One can find traditional craft products like silver jewelry, beadwork, embroidered velvet items and leather goods in Bhopal. The chowk area in the Old City is a good place for shopping for local handicrafts. Another important shopping areas are - New Market, Bittan Market, 10 No. Market & M.P. Nagar, located in the New Bhopal area.


There are many places, with high-range to medium range, where you may enjoy a variety of delicious food. The Noor-us-Sabah Palace, Jehan Numa Palace Hotel, Hotel Residency, Amer Palace, Hotel Lake View Ahoka are amongs of high-end and good quality places for food & accommodation.

On the other hand, there are many medium-budget food restaurents such as Arya Bhawan, Indian Coffee House, New-inn Restaurent, Manohar dairy and restaurants & hotels around Hamidia Road are known for quality foodstuff. Here you can get North-Indian, South-Indian or any Indian continental including non-vegetarian food and also good Chinese food.

For persons loving of outing, there are many Dhabas, stated exterior of Bhopal, like Vrindavan Dhaba, Shubham Dhaba, Sakshi Dhaba & Mana Dhaba Where you may enjoy food in the open.

Bhopal is known for its delicious traditional Nawabi foods. The Noor-us-Sabah Palace and Jehan Numa Palace Hotel are the best known places for enjoying in pure Nawabi style.

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